Creamy Courgette Pasta with Poached Egg

by maisiefriendlyfood


This is a super quick and tasty cook for when you walk in the door after work and want to instantly feast. I’ve also really missed creamy pasta having gone gluten and dairy free but gluten free pasta with grated courgette definitely means there is no longer anything to miss.  The poached egg on top is just a bonus.

Ingredients: serves 1
2 handfuls gluten free pasta
3 dashes olive oil
1 pinch salt
half a large courgette or 1 small courgette
2 cloves of garlic
rind from a third of a lemon
juice from a third of a lemon
tbsp of  ground almonds
pinch of nutmeg
half a tsp of fresh ground black pepper
Dash of cider or white wine vinegar
1 egg, organic and free range

Put pasta on to boil, always leave the lid off when making pasta adding a dash of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Wash and grate courgette, finely chop garlic gloves and grate a third of lemon rind. Throw 3 ingredients in a frying pan with a dash of olive oil on a medium heat. Cook for about 4 mins. Then add ground almonds, pinch of nutmeg, lemon juice and a couple of dashes of hot water to loosen it up a bit. Add black pepper.

Make poached egg, people have different methods of making the perfect poached egg, my preferred means is to heat about 3 inches of water in a small pan adding a dash of vinegar until boiling quickly. Crack egg into small dish or tea cup, reduce heat on water and slowly lower egg from the  dish to the water (my dish touches the lip of the water when I drop it in). Then increase the heat again until lightly simmering again. Keep an eye on it, I normally lift it out and lightly prod the yolk to see how well its done. It shouldn’t take longer then 3 mins.

Drain pasta when cooked and mix in the courgette. Its now ready to serve with the egg on top! Sprinkle again with black pepper and a small dash of olive oil.

My boyfriend ate a spinach and ricotta pizza tonight: I wasn’t even jealous, KAPOW – take that food envy!